New for thinprint; Crown Letsgo Nero XF

DATE | 23-Oct-2018

New for thinprint; Crown Letsgo Nero XF

Combine a high quality reader experience and inkjet print while reducing costs: Crown Letsgo Nero XF.

The need for flexibility, supply chain efficiency and ever shorter time to market drive change in the publishing industry. Lightweight papers enable the reduction of item costs, while inkjet print enables small, on-demand production runs. Combining these aspects, while securing a high quality reading experience, triggered Crown Van Gelder to develop a new paper.

The result is Crown Letsgo Nero XF, a highly opaque inkjet paper of 50 g/m². It is used without primer and bonding agent. It runs at high speeds and delivers optimal printability, runnability and error free finishing. It ensures the quality experience the reader is looking for.

Crown Letsgo Nero XF is developed for high definition black texts, with or without supporting colours. Typical applications are legal print, manuals and inserts for pharmaceuticals/cosmetics.

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