New product: Crown Sublime transfer paper

DATE | 11-Feb-2019

New product: Crown Sublime transfer paper

Crown Sublime is an all-round dye sublimation paper. It is designed for optimal transfer results on polyester fabrics.

Ever shorter cycles, driven by fast fashion and digitization, are constantly changing the landscape for fashion manufacturers. Non-contact, variable dye sublimation printing is a winning technology that supports designers and decorators in fulfilling customer demands. Selecting the right transfer paper is a key component in successful dye sublimation printing. Our extensive experience in digital print and production of tightly specified quality papers inspired us to develop a new paper for dye sublimation print.

Crown Sublime is a dye sublimation paper of 55 g/m2. The paper is designed for eye catching print results through high ink transfer rates. The paper delivers undisturbed printing at non-belt dye sublimation systems and ensures a more profitable result for the user.

Click here for the product leaflet and contact us for more information via telephone number: +31 251 262 308.