I am Crown Van Gelder

DATE | 27-Oct-2017

I am Crown Van Gelder

Recently, Miklas Dronkers (CEO) launched our new "Mission 2020" and the internal campaign "I am Crown Van Gelder" during a fantastic event. It's fascinating to see how fast changes are going. The world is changing around us and Crown Van Gelder is constantly adapting. To the requirements of the customers, to the trends in the market, to the changing question. And we need to change too. With an innovative approach that fits the market. That's exactly what happened this afternoon: sketching a future image for an even more successful Crown Van Gelder.

For this special occasion, the shed where paper rolls usually had been transformed into a spectacular theater. The timing of the event was consciously chosen and coincided with a thorough maintenance program on the two paper machines and the power plant. Only under these circumstances it was possible to meet and inform all 300 employees simultaneously.

It was a great afternoon about connection and our new course. We therefore look forward to the future with confidence. It is no longer the amount of paper, but especially the added value we supply as a paper mill. Crown Van Gelder is a niche player and will remain, but one with a healthy future and taking on the developments of the coming years.