The Cooking Papers

DATE | 21-Sep-2017

The Cooking Papers

The management of Crown Van Gelder has surprised its staff with a personalized cookbook. More than 300 employees received the book, aptly titled "The Cooking Papers", from their department manager. The special feature of “The Cooking Papers” is that it is personalized for each employee with his/her name and the complete book is printed on paper from the mill’s Crown Letsgo inkjet range. With this special gift Crown Van Gelder illustrates beautifully the potential of high-speed inkjet printing.

Customized Content

The book consists of three personalized forewords of respectively CEO, department manager and a foreword by the continuous improvement manager. With this, the different target groups get to read customized content. The forewords are followed by easy to prepare but tasty recipes. This creative way of communicating perfectly illustrates how one can make communication more dynamic and effective. The photographs belonging to the various recipes give a great impression of the capabilities and quality of the Crown Letsgo inkjet paper.