Segment: Publishing Print


Changing dynamics in publishing

New reading and buying behavior is having a great impact on publishers. Digital publishing has grown in a world that is dematerializing rapidly. At the same time paper is re-discovered for its unique quality: it supports effective learning. Evolution of small batch printing and Print On Demand (POD) has been a catalyst for the developments. It enables printers to offer dedicated service at minimum stock levels and no waste: only print what you need, where you need it and when you need it.


Inkjet: winning technology in flexible printing

High Speed Inkjet has become the standard for lasting quality in products like books, journals and manuals. It enables printers to optimize production runs and minimize stock while delivering consistent high quality. Paper selection is key in making your publication stand out: inkjet gives you the offset-like look & feel at the right value.


Crown Letsgo Inkjet Papers: publishing digital print that stands out

For outstanding publications, Crown Van Gelder offers you the Letsgo range. This range is the result of years of dedicated development in close cooperation with leading publishers and equipment manufacturers. For each press and each ink, Crown Van Gelder offers silky papers that deliver strong colours, bold blacks and high contrast. Good dimensional stability ensures error free finishing. Next to helping you pick the right paper, our specialists provide on-site support in creating optimal settings and color management at your equipment. We contribute to best uptime and optimal ink consumption, all at the quality that enables you to stand out.

Crown Van Gelder’s inkjet papers are listed with the highest ranking in the PREPS database (The Publisher’s Database for Responsible Environmental Paper Sourcing). In addition to our Crown Letsgo Inkjet range, we offer a comprehensive selection of quality papers for offset and laser printing.

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