Segment: Packaging


The demand for flexibility and sustainability drive the change in packaging

Product packaging serves a functional as well as a branding purpose. The ongoing search for thinner, lighter and more recyclable materials and the benefits of new techniques, such as inkjet printing, offer opportunities for a new generation of packaging materials.


Packaging innovation through paper evolution

New packaging that meet the ever increasing demands from consumers, brand owners and regulators require innovation in materials and new production techniques. The recyclability and versatility of paper make it an excellent starting point in many packaging developments. Extracting optimal value from the evolution in digital printing techniques also demands an evolution in substrates, where paper is leading the way.


Crown Van Gelder: papers that show the difference

Crown Van Gelder produces paper for a selected range of packaging applications. We work in partnership with our customers to develop tightly specified products that meet their exact requirements. Our facilities are set up in way that enables us to be flexible, delivering the paper according your exact requirements.

With virgin fibers as the unique and controlled source of cellulose, Crown Van Gelder is able to formulate papers that meet specific needs. This is especially important in relation to food safety standards in today’s market.

Our products are often designed for the consumer facing part of your product: they carry the message. Ensuring optimal consumer communication via excellent digital print is where we set ourselves apart. As the market innovator for paper in high speed inkjet, we are a driver in making this technology an established standard for on-demand production of differentiating packaging materials.

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