Outstanding customer service


Flexibility and tailor made service are the new standard

In a B2B environment, successful suppliers enable their customers to excel. Services that work today can be obsolete tomorrow. Staying ahead means constantly delivering a service package that fulfills the specific need of the customers at the moment requested.


Value adding paper supply to fulfill your specific needs

Next to quality, there are many elements that decide whether you extract the maximum value out of your paper supply. When margins are narrow, winning the business of your customers is a matter of detail.  For reels of paper, hassle-free packaging, minimization of trim losses and just-in-time deliveries are just a few factors where our flexible service can add value to your business


Crown Van Gelder: transparent service that makes things work

At Crown Van Gelder we invest in truly understanding customer needs and in making visible where we can add value. Where possible, we tailor our service in a way that it benefits your specific situation. Do you need a special reel width to minimize production losses for a unique customer product? We work diligently to make sure you receive that product, packaged in a way that you can conveniently handle it.