CROWN LETSGO 3rd Generation
Better value for your money!

What makes Crown Van Gelder 3rd Generation so different?
Why explain it when we can show you. Check the short presentation of our renowned Colour Specialist Rob Boumans beneath.

3rd Generation color
CROWN LETSGO 3rd Generation unlocks full potential of your press at top speeds, with better image quality than ever before on our substrates. Pigment ink savings of 5-10 % without compromises are within reach*  
*Depending on press-ink combination. Contact us to check the potential in your case.

Seeing is believing  
Order a (free) sample here and see for yourself what 3rd Generation brings!


Paper: enabler for new market developments

Today, sustainability and new printing techniques are the main drivers of paper innovation. Reduction of packaging material, plastic removal and marketing opportunities offered by new digital printing methods are examples where paper innovation enables successful development.


Paper innovation that sets market standards

With over 120 years of experience, Crown Van Gelder understand what is needed to make quality paper. Throughout our history we have constantly evolved our portfolio and enabled new techniques to establish themselves. Examples range from our tabulating card paper in the 1960’s to today’s Letsgo-range, the market standard in paper for High Speed Inkjet.


Crown van Gelder: collaboration and flexibility for papers that deliver

The combined knowledge of our R&D team and paper makers enable us to develop and produce papers that continuously deliver on expectations. Key in our innovation process is the close collaboration with customers, equipment manufacturers and other stakeholders. In addition to developing the paper, we invest in the support that makes the paper perform at our customer. In this way we deliver innovations that meet the exact needs of the market. Where needed, we customize our products to customer requirements.

Next to product innovation, we invest in our facilities. This ensures we continuously offer our customers the best package in terms of service and quality and we minimize our environmental footprint according the latest standards.

A recent example is the upcoming robotisation of warehousing and orderpick, that further improves our order-to-delivery process. Another is the update of PM1, including the new soft calander, providing added flexibility in paper portfolio and customer service.