A wealth of knowledge packed within 120 years of experience

We go back a long way. With over 120 years of experience in producing quality paper we have built up a wealth of knowledge readily available.


The pioneer years

Our history begins in 1886, when Mr. Pieter Smidt van Gelder founds a mill for newsprint in Velsen. This is exactly where you will find our company today. At the banks of the North Sea Canal, the original newsprint mill was part of the company Van Gelder Zonen. WWII led to demolition and looting of the mill, but the company restarts production in 1945. In 1963, Van Gelder starts a collaboration with the Crown Zellerbach Corporation from the USA . This cooperation in tabulating card paper is where we owe the "Crown" in our name to.


An independent new start

In 1981, parent Van Gelder Paper filed for bankruptcy. The sound believe of customers, financers and employees in our capabilities and products enabled a successful continuation of the factory in Velsen. This time as an independent paper mill. In 1985 the company was floated on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.

Since then, Crown Van Gelder has developed into a formidable business-to-business player. By early identification of the impact of digitization on the paper market, Crown Van Gelder has been able to re-invent itself. Today it is a market and opinion leader in paper for high speed inkjet printing and it has developed successful products for specific applications in label and packaging.


Take-over by Andlinger: building the future

Andlinger and Company recognized the power and potential of Crown Van Gelder. In 2015, Andlinger took full ownership, delisting Crown Van Gelder from Euronext Amsterdam.

The impact of digitization and sustainability have greatly changed dynamics in the paper market and these developments will continue. Our journey so far, combined with the new ownership and unique expertise brought by Andlinger, have placed Crown Van Gelder in prime position to capitalize on the opportunities. It enables us to grow and allows us to respond quickly to market developments and customer needs

Although much has changed in over a hundred years, other things remain the same. We will continue to be ambitious and maintain our responsible attitude towards market, customers and surrounding communities.