Successful balance between people, planet and profit

At Crown Van Gelder, we are committed to environmental stewardship, social responsibility and economic sustainability. It is part of our strategy to continuously enhance operations in a way that limits our environmental impact and further ensures social responsibility.

The annual Sustainability Report confirms our profile as a transparent company. It provides key environmental, social and economic information to customers, governmental institutions, NGO’s and our other stakeholders.

We focus on the successful balance between people, planet and profit and continue to build a sustainable organization.


Dutch paper at the forefront

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about making a contribution to the sustainable development of society. The Dutch paper industry is structurally endeavoring to become more sustainable and innovative. The sector is a leader in the optimal use of raw materials and residual flows and continues to be one on the leaders in the field of sustainability in the future. This means a structural focus on reducing water consumption, promoting environmental certificates, lower emissions, dematerialization and stimulating sustainable initiatives.