Boosting inkjet performance


Flexible, fast and constant high quality: High Speed Inkjet leads the way

High Speed Inkjet (HSI) evolves fast and is a winning technique in transactional and promotional print as well as publishing. HSI is also gaining ground in label and packaging. Drivers behind this evolution are consumer demand for unique, personalized products and the need for smaller production runs and reduction of stock levels. By on demand delivery of a fully personalized product at offset-like quality, print suppliers set themselves apart.


Extracting value from High Speed Inkjet Equipment

Water based inkjet is a non-contact print technique. It requires a different approach towards substrates compared to traditional offset printing. Factors like water content, different inks and specific machine settings determine the end result. Printers are looking for an optimal marriage between paper and machine, both in terms of print result and total cost of print.


Crown Van Gelder: Boosting inkjet performance

As a market innovator in the development of papers for High Speed Inkjet printing, Crown Van Gelder has developed a keen eye for the direction of the market and the customer needs. Our close relationship with equipment manufacturers ensures that we deliver products that deliver optimal results on existing and new equipment, both in terms of print result and machine performance. In addition to our on-site expert support, including color management, we offer our customers specialized market insights. Our high quality papers are the starting point of many innovative relationships.