Silhouet: high definition legal books with Crown Letsgo Nero XF

Silhouet: high definition legal books with Crown Letsgo Nero XF

Silhouet Digital Print is a renowned specialist in digital book print. Among its products are legal and scientific books as well as comic books.  The company is using a Screen Truepress 520 HD for high speed inkjet print. The challenge was to find a thin paper that delivered superior process characteristics and optimal reader experience.

Inkjet printing of thin paper is often challenging: typical issues include show through and lack of water-fastness of the print. Priming of the paper can overcome this, though it influences dimensional stability of the paper, affecting printing speed.

The new Crown Letsgo Nero XF is especially designed to overcome both challenges. Due to the high opacity and inkjet treatment, show through is minimal. Silhouet now reaches a production speed of 150 m/min in the printing of B/W legal books. In addition, flawless transformation into book blocks of 900 pages per inch is done at 180 m/min at the Hunkeler finishing line.

With the new Crown Letsgo Nero XF, Silhouet is able to use high speed inkjet for delivering the optimal reading experience to the market of Scientific, Legal and Financial publishing.

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