Realise your ambition at Crown Van Gelder

At Crown Van Gelder we are more ambitious than ever. We look for colleagues that are eager to contribute to our goals. At Crown Van Gelder, you will be provided with the tools and the opportunities that enable you to realize your ambition. Our values and hands-on culture support professional and personal growth. We truly believe that our employees are our key to success.


Meet our high tech industry

Working in the paper industry opens many opportunities. Our innovative sector is constantly looking for combinations in which novelty papers and advanced processes create opportunities for customers. There is world behind making a piece of paper: both products and production process are surprisingly high tech and in constant development. The complex environment makes working for a paper producer a fascinating and rewarding experience.


Creating the product together

Almost 300 hundred enthusiastic people are being employed at our mill. We share the same commitment to quality, innovation and customer support. Our leading position is built on our customer centric focus on product quality, technical support and reliable service. We create our products with a team from diverse backgrounds and personalities. Many of our skilled process operator, paper innovators and sales experts have started their career at Crown Van Gelder. At the same time we look to expand our team with professionals from outside, who bring their own unique skills to further build on our success.