About us


120 years of experience in quality paper

Crown Van Gelder makes specialty paper for graphical and industrial applications. Our wood-free uncoated and single coated papers are performing daily at customers around the world. For over 120 years, we deliver outstanding paper. We focus on value creation and partnership. Crown Van Gelder continues to set the standard in different markets and applications.


Progress through partnership

We build collaborative relationships that create success for customers. The ability to deliver paper that meets specific requirements, combined with the in-depth technical expertise that makes the paper deliver the optimal customer result, is what sets us apart.


Quality paper for packaging, labels and high speed inkjet

Our papers enable optimal performance in different applications. We deliver high-speed inkjet paper for transactional, publishing and promotional print as well as paper for self-adhesive labelling and specific uses in packaging and technical applications.

The Crown Letsgo range gives us a leading position in high-speed inkjet print.


Technical support and flexible service that accelerates customer success

Crown Van Gelder is a versatile medium-sized paper mill, based in The Netherlands. For us, a precisely specified paper is the start of a successful relationship. On-site technical support enables optimal performance on processing equipment. Our flexible service ensures that we deliver in a way that works best for individual customers. Boosting your performance and enabling your excellence is our goal.

Our value chain approach, including continuous dialogue with different stakeholders, provides us with clear insights in market needs and development leads. This makes us an attractive partner for growing your business.


Operational excellence, ensuring constant high quality

We constantly invest in upgrading our facilities to further improve service, performance and competitiveness. We employ highly-trained, experienced professionals at every level of the organization to run our business at optimum level.


Safety and minimizing environmental footprint

Crown Van Gelder takes its responsibility towards environment, working conditions and the delivery of safe and high quality products to our customers.

To deliver on our promises, we embed our policies in a certified and integrated management system. CSR is not a particular program, it is what we do every day!