About CVG

Introducing Crown Van Gelder
Crown Van Gelder B.V. is an independent paper manufacturer located on the North Sea Canal close to Velsen. Almost three hundred people are employed here, generating an annual turnover of around € 160 million. Our company produces specialties for graphical and industrial applications in the woodfree uncoated and single-coated paper sector.
We at Crown Van Gelder want to stand out in the markets where we operate. So we would like to tell you more about ourselves, our vision and strategy, our organization and our history.
Crown Van Gelder is a medium-sized, modern and versatile paper manufacturer, able to respond flexibly to customer requirements and focused on the interests of our capital suppliers. Crown Van Gelder  also wishes to distinguish itself as a good, challenging and reliable employer.
First-class products for specific applications
In recent years, Crown Van Gelder has become a formidable business-to-business player with several ‘innovative’ products for specific applications. We supply some 100 paper types to around 150 customers, especially in Europe. These products are precisely tailored to our customers’ wishes and act as a high-value foundation for a wide variety of applications. Introducing new products and entering new markets also keep us ahead of our competition, trend that will continue in future.
Quality and efficiency
Crown Van Gelder uses high-tech process technology in its production processes. We employ highly-trained, experienced professionals at every level of our organisation to keep our processes running at optimum level. Thanks in part to this strategy, we can produce a relatively small series of products at a specified quality level, and we can do so rapidly while controlling costs.
Close inter-departmental cooperation
All of our company’s activities are carried out at a single location, and our people and departments work closely and well together. Everyone who works on a project plays a key role and is valued for his or her contribution. This philosophy is a cornerstone of our company culture and enables us to quickly respond to customer needs. This ability is highly appreciated, as evidenced by the large number of loyal Crown Van Gelder customers.
A pleasant work environment
Our attention to technology and direct contact with our customers make Crown Van Gelder an attractive employer for people with technological and commercial backgrounds. Moreover, Crown Van Gelder’s employees tend to stay with our company, keeping our knowledge in-house and ensuring continuity.
Focus on sustainability
Crown Van Gelder has made significant investments in making our products and processes sustainable. All of our products are fully recyclable and the energy we need to manufacture them is extraordinarily low in comparison to the rest of our sector. The raw material we use – pulp – is a renewable resource harvested from sustainably managed forests. Chain of Custody certificates are issued for nearly all of our pulp (2014).


Open and honest about earnings

As a company, we are required to report on our contribution to society. We do not see this as an obligation, but as an opportunity to communicate, clearly and openly, with our stakeholders and anyone else interested in Crown Van Gelder.