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Let's go.

Our team has a bold ambition. We are challenged by our clients every day to push the boundaries of performance and create the paper they need. Most paper mills claim to have the best product on the market, when in reality what they have is the best they can afford to make. At Crown Van Gelder our goal isn’t to make the paper everyone wants. In our experience the paper with the combination of qualities you really want probably doesn’t exist. Yet.

We are dedicated to creating precisely what you need.

What do our customers need today? The early adopters of high-speed inkjet printing systems are challenging us to develop the papers that will lead them into the mainstream market. Label companies are raising their expectations in print quality, even on low-cost products. In packaging, the new technologies for manufacturing and printing are creating new, higher value markets. We work intimately with the world’s leading equipment manufacturers to make products that are accelerating the success of our clients. We love to listen to your ambitions. If you see a business opportunity in high-speed inkjet, in labels or in packaging, but you don’t yet see the paper, let’s make it happen.